Mavic Galibier Shoe - Men's - $90.00

The Galibier is a bear of a climb regardless of which way you tackle it. When it comes to hors categorie efforts, every little improvement can make a difference in your resulting effort. Tires, chamois, shoes: everything. You'll want a shoe like the Mavic Galibier enveloping your feet. The Galibier's upper offers both solid support and good venting. The wide swath of mesh over the toes is the key to allowing your feet to breathe. Holding your feet in place is not only the micro fiber upper the mesh is stitched to, but the wrap-around strap that goes across your entire foot and is secured with both a new ratchet buckle and new strap. Mavic made the buckle larger, so it's easier to get large or gloved fingers underneath and grasp. The strap has deeper valleys between the teeth for better, more confident grip. The Ergo Strap Carbon runs through integrated, two-position nylon lace guides for both better fit and smoother action. The Energy Lock heel remains the same, as does the padded and vented Clima Vent Tongue. Your foot is resting on a pre-molded insole known as Ergo Fit 2D. It has both a soft foam top for comfort and a harder, crushable foam bottom for user-molded customization. And the insole is sitting atop a new carbon composite sole. The Energy Carbon Comp Outsole is carbon, glass-fiber, and nylon and is 5.5mm thick over the cleat area. The cleat nuts themselves have 5mm fore-aft adjustability to increase the range of adjustment with your cleats. The Mavic Galibier Shoes come in White/Black. The size run is from 3.5 to 12UK in whole and half sizes. Claimed weight is 310g for a size 8.5 shoe. - $90.00