Matzuo Kinchou Minnow - Silver/Black - $5.99

Covering depths of up to 20 ft., the Kinchou works great as a crankbait or for deep-water trolling. Perfectly balanced to float at rest, yet dives quickly when retrieved slowly. When trolled at a rapid pace, itll keep digging deeper. Best of all, it looks just like a distressed baitfish with super-realistic flared gills. Per each. Sizes: 3, 1/4 oz., dives 4-8 ft. 4, 5/16 oz., dives 8-12 ft. 4-5/8, 5/8 oz., dives 10-20 ft. Colors: (001)Lemon Lime Spackle, (003)Shimmer Shiner, (011)Natural Perch, (031)Firetiger, (048)Chromatic Shiner, (148)Kaleidoscope, (177)Tiger Perch, (267)Hot Steel, (288)Silver/Black Back, (510)Lemon Steel. Color: Silver/Black. Type: Crankbaits. - $5.99