Matix Domepiece Headphones Camo/Black - $55.95

If your life is in need of a soundtrack, look no further than the Matix Domepiece headphones. Their 40mm driver unit and 120 db. sensitivity means you can crank your tunes to 11 and rock out anywhere. The classy Matix style means you won't look like a fool, unless you happen to break out in the Macarena. The Matix Domepiece headphones let you pump your jams in style, giving you high quality and a comfortable fit.Key Features of the Matix Domepiece Headphones: Driver unit: 40mm. Frequency: 20hz-20,000khz. Impedance: 33ohm. Sensitivity: 120db. Plug: 3.5mm gold plated. Cord type: 135 cm pvc cord. - $55.95