Marmot Cerro Torre Jacket - Men's - $357.47

You'll find the mountain of Cerro Torre buried deep in the Southern ice fields of Patagonia. The weather is unforgiving and ever-changing, and the terrain is chalked with rocky spires and icy pitches of rime ice. It was here that Marmot's athletes put the design of the Cerro Torre Jacket to the ultimate test before their clever engineers refined this elite mountaineering shell to perfection. Professional-grade waterproof breathable Gore-Tex Pro Shell shrugs off torrential downpours or snowstorms, the Gale-Force hood and its laminated brim protect your face in brutal wind, and front hand pockets feature laser-drilled backings that elevate jacket breathability in an ingenious fashion. To call the Cerro Torre simply a jacket would be an injustice; this a supremely capable tool for alpinists with a penchant for traveling through nasty, high-alpine terrain and even nastier weather. - $357.47