Marker Griffon Schizo Ski Bindings White/Black/Blue - $252.95

For the Skier who wants to dial in his standing position - either for chang- ing conditions or to go from all-mountain skiing to pipe and park, the three distinct Schizo models deliver the ultimate versatility. Key Features of the Marker Griffon Schizo Ski Bindings: Multi Stance Adjustor: 6Cm Fore/Aft Travel Stand Height Without Ski 23 Mm Power Width Design For The Ultimate Power Transmission Short Overall Length For Easy Ski Flex And Low Swing Weight New Squire Schizo Model Din Range 4 - 13 Recom. Skier's Weight 80+ Lbs Stand Height W/O Ski 23 Mm Toe System Triple Pivot Elite Gliding AFD Stainless Steel Step-In Heel Inter-Pivot EPS System Centralized Swing Weight Multi-Stance Adjuster Freeride Brake No-Pull-Out Screws - $252.95