Marker Griffon Schizo 90 Downhill Ski Bindings - $202.83

The Marker Griffon Schizo B90 downhill ski bindings improve freestyle performance by offering an adjustable interface to cater to the type of skiing you choose. Similar in the design to the Jester Schizo binding, the Marker Schizo B90 downhill ski bindings are built to accommodate young and lightweight skiers, starting at 80 lbs. Whole binding moves 3cm forward or 3cm back using a simple screw adjustment on the toe piece. Are you spending time in the park or riding switch? Position the binding in the forward position to maximize the skis' responsiveness. Or is the rest on the mountain calling your name with its fresh snowfall? Position the binding in the rear position and enjoy a back-seat ride. Composite toe and heel cups keep binding weight to a minimum yet are still designed with a wide footprint for excellent performance on fat skis. Cross-axis toe spring and compact mounting pattern create a short binding that enables fluid spins and twists. Triple Pivot Elite toe has high energy absorption to prevent prerelease. Lightweight Inter-Pivot heel focuses power in the direction of the boot sole and offers superior holding power and energy transfer. Freeride brake ensures adequate clearance when skiing backward. Excellent boot-to-binding contact delivers direct power transmission to the ski. Heel is designed without pull-out screws to maximize durability. Stainless-steel antifriction device allows essential lateral boot movement despite the condition of dirty or worn soles or negative sliding friction. 90mm brake fits all-mountain skis and some all-mountain wide skis. - $202.83