Marin MBX 50 16'' Boys' Bike - 2013 - $249.00

With a touch of BMX style, the Marin MBX 50 16 in. kids' bike is great for young riders honing their skills, and features a suspension fork and adjustable training wheels. 6061 aluminum frame features hydroformed top and down tubes for excellent strength without added weight; young riders can wheel the bike around and put it away easily. Suspension front fork-just like on bigger bikes-features 40mm of travel to soften minor bumps that get in the way. Single-speed bike features a coaster (foot) brake and rear hand brake, so a young rider is never without a way to stop. Features a BMX-style handlebar. Chainguard helps prevent clothing and shoelaces from getting caught in the drivetrain. Adjustable training wheels speed the learning process. - $249.00