marahlago Atlantic Necklace - caribbean - $245.00

Prized for its deep Caribbean Ocean blue color and accented with highly polished sterling silver, this Larimar necklace is a unique accessory thats sure to draw attention. Larimar is the result of an intense heat and crystallizing volcanic process. Runoff washed the gems down to the beach in the Dominican Republic, the only place on Earth where they are found. A Peace Corps worker found the unique and lovely stones in 1974 and, because no two are exactly alike, they are prized by jewelers. Swiss blue topaz accents on the drop piece add to the elegance of this eye-catching necklace. Pendant dimensions: 0.4W x 0.7H. Chain length: 17 with 1.5 extender Color: Caribbean. Gender: Female. Age Group: Adult. - $245.00