Mann's Freshwater Stretch 20+ - $4.88

When it comes to high-performance trolling baits, nothing else comes close to the deep-diving Stretch series from Mann's. Built to run at consistent and specific depths, these baits keep you in the strike zone. And best of all, they look and perform like real baitfish. Their light-reflecting bodies give these baits an ultrarealistic look that mimics a baitfish perfectly. And when the fish grabs ahold, rest assured the premium 4X hooks will keep him hooked well. These baits are the top choice for catching pike, striper, walleye and other big-game species. Per each.Size: 4-5/8", 1/2 oz.Colors: (008)Firetiger, (009)Smelt, (017)Hot Perch, (023)Baby Bass, (088)Rainbow Trout. - $4.88