Mammut Smart Alpine Belay Device 8.9 - 10.5mm - $39.93

The Mammut Smart Alpine belay device employs all the great belay-assist features of the original Smart device, but can also be used with half or twin ropes for trips up alpine peaks. Smart Alpine belay device has the same non-mechanical design of the original Smart device that pinches the rope during a fall to make catching and holding falls easy. Extended lever lets you easily release the pinching of the rope when you need to lower a climber. Smart Alpine device can also be used in auto-block mode to allow the lead climber to belay 1 or 2 seconding climbers directly from the anchor. Ropes feed through the belay device quickly and easily while belaying a leader. Accepts a wide range of ropes, from 8.9mm - 10.5mm in diameter. The Mammut Smart Alpine belay device is also suitable for rappelling. - $39.93