Mammut Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver - $415.93

The efficient Mammut(R) Pulse Barryvox(R) avalanche transceiver features 3 antennas and a user-friendly design to make searching fast and effective. Digital 3-antenna design allows precise searching, even in deep-burial and close-proximity searches; locates burials within a 60m range in digital mode and 95m in analog mode. Dual-mode transceiver can be used in analog mode to enhance range; Digital Signal Processing (DSP) better distinguishes multiple signals. MapView display indicates number, location and vital data for multiple burials. Automatic mode selects victim based on distance and survivability criteria; manual mode lets you work your own victim selection. Backlit display with 360deg real-time direction indicator quickly leads user to victim. 3-D motion sensors receive and record victim's vital heart rate data, letting you quickly perform the triage required to maximize rescue efforts. Heart rate data is recorded from time of burial; use the data's trend to ascertain best resuscitation method. Unit switches from automatic detection mode to transmit mode once user is buried; automatically begins recording heart rate. Analog search mode with audio signal boosts usable range; headphone jack lets you monitor tones privately. Automatic power-on self-test, group check of signals and battery-monitoring features provide piece of mind before and during tour. Waterproof, shock-resistant case features nonslip rubber buttons and grips for easy operation with gloves. Adjustable bungee lanyard with clip secures around wrist or to jacket during a busy search to prevent inadvertent loss. Software platform can be updated via W-Link connection; W-Link data exchange with other Barryvox units optimizes and expedites search. Includes the Firmware 3.2 update. Ergonomic holster mounts securely to body; it's made of flexible urethane and designed to comfortably fit men and women alike. - $415.93