Magura USA MT6 Disc Brake - $228.65

Sharing the same CarboTecture technology (German for carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic) as the flagship cross-country MT8 brake, the Magura MT6 Disc Brake matches the MT8's stopping power for a hair more weight and a lower price. While the MT6 outweighs the race-level MT8, they get the advantage of additional cooling fins -- making them ideal for heavy-duty use like all-mountain or clydesdale applications.The caliper features a double arch design, similar to Magura's fork crowns. This adds stiffness to an otherwise superlight caliper body. A banjo fitting on the MT6's two piston, forged aluminum, post mount caliper makes for clean line routing on current frame designs. To ensure there's no unwanted drag, Magura gives the piston seals a special treatment so they retract under dirty and dusty conditions. The pistons are made of a thermoplastic that insulates the fluid from heat generated by the pads, which helps keep braking consistent during steep descents. Magura continues to use magnets to help hold the steel-backed organic pads in place, but has made pad changes even easier with a top-loading design. This also adds an upper window to further vent heat, enhancing performance and increasing life. If you've ever struggled with installing your wheel due to aligning the rotor into the caliper, you'll appreciate the chamfer Magura adds to help guide the rotor between the pads.The CarboTecture master cylinder is stiffer, lighter, and stronger than comparable parts made of aluminum or magnesium. Magura made both sides identical so you can run your levers traditional or moto without worrying about creating a hassle when it's time to bleed the brakes -- there's a bleed screw on the top and bottom. Magura's Easy Bleed Technology (EBT) means that maintenance is simple and mess-free -- no more opening the reservoir and spilling mineral oil all over your bike and the floor. It should be noted that Magura uses mineral oil because it is non-corrosive and non- toxic. - $228.65