Magnus Bullhead Broadheads - Gray - $39.99

Arrow that tom with confidence and dont worry about tracking him with the new Bullhead Broadheads by Magnus. These broadheads have excellent flight out of the fastest bows and ensure a clean, ethical kill. The large cutting surface is created for head and neck shots for turkey and all sorts of small game. While most broadheads bury in the weeds after a missed shot, the large diameter of the blades act as a brake and stop the arrow from sneaking into grass and cover. The 100-grain, three blade has a 3 cutting surface, while the 125-grain has a 4 cutting surface with razor-sharp stainless steel blades with a thickness of .048 thousands. The screw-in ferrule is made out of the strongest aircraft aluminum for extreme strength and durability. Per 3. Available: 100-grain, 3; 125-grain, 4. Color: Gray. Type: Decapitation Broadheads. - $39.99