Magna Dyne Nailer Fly - Blood Red - $5.79

Trolled behind a dodger, the Magna-Dyne Horsefly is an incredibly effective lure for salmon, steelhead, lake trout and brown trout. The 4. skirt is made of mylar-like tinsel for enticing movement and attention-getting flash. The flies are rigged with 22. of 40-lb. monofilament, five 8mm color-enhancing beads and a No. 1/0 2X-strong Eagle Claw Laser Sharp hook. Per each. Colors: (009)Blood Red,(010)Watermelon,(018)Dolphin,(024)Sea Mist,(026)Orange Monkey Puke,(028)Blue Ice,(031)Atomic Green Glow,(032)Lil Boy Blue,(040)Mirage,(412)Glow Green, (811)Yellow Glow,(859)Sea Green/Silver. Color: Blood Red. Type: Flies. - $5.79