Magna Dyne Glow Northport Nailers - Orange - $6.19

Glow color spoons are made with lighter material that is silver plated and painted with a special T.K. finish that wont wash off. They glow for hours and are UV-resistant. Rigged with VMC No. 1 treble hooks. Per each. Sizes: 3-1/4, 3-3/4. Colors: (012)Mashed Banana, (016)Pumpkin Seed, (023)Blue D. Fly Glow, (024)Purple Thunder Glow, (040)Pink Ice, (041)Orange Ice, (042)Lime Ice Glow, (043)Lemon Ice, (044)Blue Ice, (050)Raspberry Sherbet Glow, (052)Watermelon Frost Glow, (054)Key Lime Glow, (055)Cantaloupe Glow, (067)Glow White Tiger, (070)Mixed Vegi Glow, (071)Halloween Glow, (076)Lemonfire Glow, (077)Grassfire Glow, (078)Black Raspberry Glow, (080)Mashed Mahi Glow, (082)Blue Mahi Glow, (083)Green Mahi Glow. Color: Orange. Type: Casting & Trolling Spoons. - $6.19