Madshus Maiya Skate Ski - $187.46

Although your skate skiing might only be a healthy excuse to enjoy the outdoors, or maybe you even enter the occasional race, reasonable ski weight will still benefit you just as much as your Lycra clad counterparts. Such is the pervasive ideology behind the Madshus Maiya Skate Ski. As Madshus (and mathematicians) define it, force = mass x acceleration. So, when ski mass is reduced, two outcomes arise. 1) Your acceleration will increase with the same applied force, or 2) your acceleration will remain the same with less applied force. Either way, your life on the track gets easier with a lighter ski. Accordingly, Madshus implemented a Polycell foam core and a Torsion Cap construction. Combined, you receive a skate ski that's at once stable and compliant, but when mated with the Maiya's P-Tex 2000 Electra Sintered Racing Base, becomes moderately conscious of speed. And for a simplified stride and kick, Madshus has also simplified the ski's sidecut. Altogether, Madshus' applied technology creates a skate ski that's easy to use as you refine your form, yet only around 25 grams heavier than its older sister, the Metis Skate. - $187.46