Mad River Steelhead Worms - Chartreuse - $4.99

Thread a Mad River steelhead worm directly onto your hook for rigging or drifting, or use on a weighted jighead for float fishing. Each one is infused with specially formulated Atlas Mikes Shrimp Oil to draw steelhead in even closer. Made of soft, flexible, durable plastic. Sizes: 3 (per 10), 4 (per 9). Colors: (001)Mathalonite, (002)Bubblegum, (003)Shrimp Pink, (004)Fluorescent Pink, (031)Flourescent Pink/Chartreuse Tail, (047)Nightmare, (526)Captain America, (928)Blue-Tailed Skink. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Worms. - $4.99