Mad River Explorer 16 Royalex Canoe - $1,120.93

Take the Mad River Explorer 16 Royalex(R) canoe on a family outing, a fishing trip or an overnight float. Its versatile design will help make memories for years to come. Royalex multilayer composite offers excellent abrasion resistance and springs back from impacts. Royalex also makes a much lighter weight hull than standard polyethylene and offers excellent strength and toughness. Exterior layers of vinyl sandwich interior layers of ABS plastic and undergo heating and molding, producing a superior-quality watercraft material. Symmetrical, shallow-V hull offers excellent tracking and superior performance in rough water. Moderately rockered hull offers a great balance between maneuverability and speed. Vinyl gunwales offer excellent durability; molded carry handles at bow and stern decks aid in transport. The Mad River Explorer 16 Royalex canoe features web seats, a shaped yoke and durable, polyethylene decks. - $1,120.93