Mack's Smile Blade Slow Death Rig - Orange/Black - $3.19

With a deadly combination of the popular Slow Death hook and tournament-proven Smile Blade, this rig is deadly on walleye. Its hook has an offset bend that causes bait to spin with a bite-enticing corkscrew action. The blades extra wiggle provides even more attraction. The ability to fish this rig slowly without inhibiting its action encourages even lethargic fish to bite. Per each. Hook size: 2. Colors: (301)Orange/Black Tiger, (302)Pink Sparkle, (303)Chartreuse Sparkle, (304)Chartreuse Red Tiger, (305)Silver Scale, (307)Dark Cerise Sparkle, (309)Blue Scale, (310)Green Sparkle. Color: Orange/Black. Type: Bait Rigs. - $3.19