Lyman Universal Power Case Trimmer - $269.99

Uniform case length is essential to competition-grade performance. Die-hard reloaders rely on Lyman case trimmers for guaranteeing accuracy, repeatability and smooth operation. Each case trimmer includes nine of the most popular pilots. It has all the accuracy and speed of the original trimmer with a powerful 175-rpm motor with powered primer pocket cleaning. Fully adjustable for customizing trim length. The Lyman Universal Power Case Trimmer features a 175-rpm motor that takes the work out of case trimming. Comes with nine pilots in popular cartridge sizes: .22, .24, .27, .28/7mm, .30, .35 (.38/.357), 9mm, .44 and .45A. The replaceable cutter head accepts all Lyman pilots. Fast cartridge case lock/unlock. Includes cartridge cutter head and set of primer pocket brushes. Equipped with a safety guard. - $269.99