Lyman Turbo Twin Tumbler - Two Tumblers In One - $54.88

Lyman Turbo Tumblers are the worlds most popular brass cleaning and polishing systems. Fouling must be cleaned from the inside and outside of cartridge cases if you want the most in accuracy and performance from your custom loads. Turbo Tumblers are nearly twice as fast as old-style barrel tumblers. Plus, their unique design allows the media to constantly swirl around fully-immersed cases. The high-speed, agitated motion cleans and polishes every casing. You can also inspect the cases without stopping the cleaning operation.This Turbo Twin Tumbler is a great value. You get the 1200 Pro Model Tumbler with 1-gallon capacity bowl and sifter lid plus an extra - Turbo 600 Bowl System, which features a special see-through plastic lid for inspecting cases as they are being cleaned. Use either interchangeable bowl system for small or large loads. - $54.88