Lyman 2200 Auto-Flo Tumbler - $139.99

The Lyman Turbo Tumblers are the worlds most popular brass cleaning and polishing systems. Fouling must be cleaned from the inside and outside of cartridge cases if you want the most in accuracy and performance from your custom loads. Turbo Tumblers are nearly twice as fast as old-style barrel tumblers. Plus, their unique design allows the media to constantly swirl around fully-immersed cases. The high-speed, agitated motion cleans and polishes every casing. You can also inspect the cases without stopping the cleaning operation. The Auto-Flo Self-Separating Tumblers help save your valuable reloading time by automatically draining the media through an exit port in the bowl, leaving only polished brass. Draining takes only a couple of minutes and eliminates the need to remove the bowl and extra handling of the cleaned cases. This Auto-Flo 2200 features a 1.5-gallon capacity and holds up to 750 .38 Special cases or equivalent. Includes media drain pan and a clean see through lid. - $139.99