Lure Tape Sheets - Silver - $2.19

Custom-cut tape to the exact length and shape you want to dress up spoons and lures. Waterproof adhesive backing ensures easy, secure application. Dimensions: 2 x 6 sheets. Colors: Per two sheets: (010)Glow, (020)Glow Slick, (094)Super Pearl Crush, (539)Orange Crushed Pearl, (830)Glow Crushed. Per three sheets: (021)Silver Scale, (028)Light Blue Aurora, (036)Hot Green Aurora, (037)Hot Yellow Scale, (038)Hot Pink Scale, (136)Hot Green Scale, (139)Fuchsia Scale, (337)Hot Yellow Aurora, (521)Silver Open Hologram, (622)Gold Scale, (623)Blue Scale, (625)Red Scale. Color: Silver. Type: Prism Tape. - $2.19