Luhr-Jensen Lighted Kwikfish (K13) - $13.99

A lighted lure that outperforms other lures in low visibility. As soon as it hits the water a strobe light will automatically turn on. Reel it back in out of the water, dry it off and it will turn off. Built-in long-life battery never needs to be changed. Battery lasts 400 hrs., which equates to fishing 12 hours a day for 33 days. The new K16 Xtreme Kwikfish body design allows it to dive deeper and troll faster than previous models. Fixed hook hangers and eyelets for easy tuning. Available: K-13 Colors: (010)MJ Wired, (091)Kwikfire, (104)Tiger Taxi, (105)Flash Fire, (106)Ghost Man. K-16X Colors: (091)Kwikfire, (104)Tiger Taxi, (106)Ghost Man, (111)Dill Pickle, (115)Prancer. Size: K13. Type: Lures. - $13.99