Lucky Craft Slim Shad - $9.88

The answer for clear water and spooky fish. Its castability, aided by lure-balancing tungsten weights, makes it perfect for long casts to tight spots. By automatically shifting its center-of-gravity, this lure runs well in deep water. Per each.Sizes:SSDD7 2-1/2", 3/8 oz. SSDD9 2-3/4" 5/16 oz.Colors: (052)Aurora Black, (077)Original Tennessee Shad, (112)Chartreuse Rootbeer, (238)Ghost Minnow, (250)Chartreuse Shad, (270)MS American Shad, (802) Northern Pike, (807)Northern Yellow Perch, (809)Brownie, (813)Bluegill. - $9.88