Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Square-Bill Crankbait - Green - $5.88

The choice of four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Rick Clunn, these faithful fish-catching lures defy trendy fads to consistently put big fish in the livewell year after year. Their realistic, silent, rattle-free presentation has proved to be highly effective in shallow water. Square bill creates a consistent, fish-tempting action and proven color patterns trigger strikes when others are ignored by wary predators. Per each. Sizes: Series 2 2, .15 oz., dives to 4 ft. Series 3 2-1/2, 1/4 oz., dives to 5 ft. Colors:(011)Spotted Shad, (121)Green Crawdad, (141)Green Ghost, (181)Sunfish Two, (211)Real Shad. Color: Green. Type: Crankbaits. - $5.88