Luck E Strike 3-1/2 RC Stick - Midnight Blue - $8.99

Luck E Strike teamed up with legendary angler, Rick Clunn, to create what is designed to be the perfect suspending jerkbait. Its hydrodynamic design and advanced rolling weight-transfer system provide a deadly, erratic, darting action, as well as an amazing ability to suspend perfectly on the pause. Its incredibly detailed with etched scales and gill patterns, 3-D eyes and Clunns handpicked colors. Dives down to 4-ft. Per each. Size: 3-1/2, 1/4 oz. Colors: (311)Emerald Shiner, (321)Deadly Black Illusion, (331)French Pearl, (341)Herring Bone Chartreuse, (351)Pro Blue, (361)Purple Gold Flash, (371)Black Stardust Shad, (381)Cosmic Shad, (391)Purple Gold Shiner, (401)Midnight Blue Shiner, (411)Secret Night, (421)Stealth Flash, (431)Purple Flash, (441)Black Diamond, (451)Chrome Blue, (461)Purple Green Apple, (471)Natural Emerald. Color: Midnight Blue. Type: Stick Baits. - $8.99