LTD LT250 Snowboard Binding Black - $62.36

You're gonna love the new one-piece design of the LTD LT250 Snowboard Bindings. Easily handle stoked up commotion with awesome comfort and response. Whether you're a newbie or an ollie and pipe professional, the newly-refined materials used in these lightweight bindings will provide excellent control, connectivity, and accuracy -- fitting for the mountain or the park. You'll quickly notice the spring in the footbed, the minimal amount of clutter in the design, and the all-day satisfaction of a binding that provides rad power and cool comfort when you're tearin' up the terrain or riding the rails.Key Features of The LTD LT250 Snowboard Bindings: NEW 1 Piece Design Reinforced Baseplate and High Back Die Cut EVA Ankle Straps with Ladder Covers Die Cut EVA UTS Adjustable Toe Ramp Small, Medium, Large Sizes Extended Heelcup Design Non Loosening Hardware Tool Less Forward Lean Adjustment - $62.36