LTD LT25 Snowboard Bindings Black - $41.56

LTD LT25 Snowboard Bindings feature a brand new design. With aluminum adjustable heelcups and adjustable toe and ankle straps , these bindings are flexible to meet your snowboarding needs. Designed to soak up turbulence and reinforce feel, these bindings include responsive components that will be pleasing to newbies and advanced snowboarders alike. Strap in and enjoy the heat molded EVA strap pads and lightweight highback as you enjoy the comfort and control of these freeride machines. These bindings come with quick snap forward lean adjusters and yield excellent style and performance. Enjoy the plastic anatomical baseplate and spring-like suspension all for a very reasonable price.Key Features of The LTD LT250 Snowboard Bindings: All Mountain Performance NEW Aluminum Adjustable Heelcup Plastic Anatomical Baseplate Adjustable Toe Ramps EVA Molded Toe and Heel Ramp Pads Aluminum Anatomical 4 Tooth Ratchets Tool Free Quick Adjustable Toe and Ladder Straps Heat Molded EVA Strap Pads Adjustable Toe and Ankle Straps Tool Free Quick Adjust Forward Lean Lightweight Highback with Cut Out Window and Overmolded EVA Pad Non Loosening Hardware NEW Universal Toe Straps - $41.56