Lowrance Lwx-1 Sirius Weather/Radio Module - $99.00

Beam real-time weather data and radio content straight into your boat, whether you're at your favorite lake or miles offshore. This innovative module provides a premium mix of safety and entertainment with your choice of affordable subscriptions. SIRIUS Inland Content features high-resolution, current weather radar images with pinpointed lightning strikes and cross-country weather forecasts. Saltwater anglers will love the SIRIUS Coastal Content for up-to-the-minute weather- and sea-condition reports, including detailed sea-surface temperature forecasts, wave speed and direction, and constantly updated wind conditions. You also can add 120 channels of SIRIUS radio to either package for music, news, NASCAR, NFL and college football. The Easy-to-install antenna. Dimensions: 4.87"H x 3.63"W x 1.63"D. Weight: 1.6 lbs. - $99.00