Lowrance Elite-5X Dsi Sonar - $229.88

The enhanced imaging fish finder gives you a new way to find those hotspots. The Lowrance-exclusive DownScan Imaging gives you picture-perfect views under the water. Now, clearly see the boundary layer between cooler and warmer water. Crystal clear Elite-5 DSI imaging distinguishes between predator fish, baitfish and bottom structures. Dual-selectable 455/800kHz coverage offers two viewing options; 455kHz sounding for wider and deeper coverage with 800kHz for enhanced targeted viewing. It transmits 4,000-watt peak-to-peak and 500-watt RMS power with recently-tested depths to 200 feet at boat speeds up to 40 mph. Optimum imaging under 8 mph. Low-profile, high-speed, transom-mount, Skimmer DSI imaging transducer has an exclusive down-looking crystal and built-in temperature sensor. 480x480-pixel SolarMAX 256-color TFT display delivers unmatched viewing brightness. Adjustable backlit screen and keypad for low-light or night angling. TrackBack lets you view the sonar history. Simplified menu with text and icons for faster and easier selections. Imported. - $229.88