Louis Garneau Verano Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Women's - $13.74

The ladies in your cycling group are so dang competitive that theyre always jostling to not only see who finishes the ride the fastest and who can get their heart rate up the highest, but also who can sport the cutest outfit. Which is why you cant wait to show up wearing the Louis Garneau Womens Verano Jersey and watch them turn chartreuse with envy at your stylish gear. With a shorter urban cut, rounded collar, and a delicate print on the cap sleeves, the Verano easily moves you to the head of the pack style-wise. Although once the ride actually starts, you just might find the ventilating mesh fabric and the cooling 8-inch zipper will keep you comfortable enough to propel you to the finish line first. Then you just need to figure out how to look ultra-casual when they show up panting and sweatingmaybe you should tuck a nail file in one of the back pockets and be casually perfecting your manicure, like youve been there all day. - $13.74