Louis Garneau Tuscan Socks - $11.95

It's interesting how important cycling socks can be to the overall comfort of a ride, especially since our feet rarely touch the ground. If socks are too thick, they make mashing on the pedals mushy and unresponsive. If they don't wick sweat, moisture builds up and leads to frozen feet. If they don't follow the contours of the foot, they bunch up and cause blisters. There are many variables that can make a pair of socks undesirable. Garneau set out to create a pair of socks with no shortcomings, and designed the Louis Garneau Tuscan socks accordingly.The Tuscan socks are woven using a blend of Meryl Skinlife, nylon, and Lycra. On a one to ten scale, with one being the lightest, the Tuscans would be a two. The nylon and Lycra make the socks very stretchy so they follow every curve and contour of your foot. It also prevents the socks from sliding down your ankle when pedaling. Socks typically blow out at the toe or the heel, which is why Garneau reinforced these areas using Meryl Skinlife. This gives the Tuscans their super-soft feel. Meryl Skinlife also improves the way the socks breathe by pushing moisture away from the skin, keeping your feet dry. Garneau incorporated Lycra and nylon around the ankle and arch of the foot. This allows the sock to move with your foot inside your cycling shoe, as opposed to the sock moving with the shoe, which causes friction and heat. The Louis Garneau Tuscan Socks have a 12cm cuff with elastic material throughout. The socks are comprised of 75% Meryl Skinlife, 22% nylon, and 3% Lycra. They are available in S/M or L/XL and come in Royal, Black, Ginger, or White. - $11.95