Louis Garneau Sirocco Tank Top - Women's - $54.95

Take a race jersey out on a hot summer day. Now tear off all the stuff that you wish wasn't there. What you have left is the absolute bare essentials, and it's called the Louis Garneau Women's Sirocco Tank Top. This isn't a cheap, no-features jersey, it's exactly what you need to perform your best in the heat of summer.The Sirocco is, except for the back pocket and inner bra, made up entirely of Lite Skin Sens fabric, which looks and feels like cotton, but maintains the moisture-wicking and breathability properties of polyester. Lite Skin Sens boasts an impressive UPF rating of 50 to protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. It's also stretchy, so you won't feel that unpleasant binding sensation that you get when you reach a non-stretch fabric's limit. More importantly, you also won't hear the unpleasant tearing sound that your get when that same non-stretch material lets go at the seams. The inner bra and back pocket are made of a highly breathable open mesh that also pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. In terms of fit, Garneau designed the Sirocco with what Garneau calls its ProFit. So, as its name suggests, the jersey is intended for those who are spending an equal time in the drops as they are at their desk job. However, there's more to this fit than just good intentions. In fact, Garneau has cut the jersey on an anatomic curve that's specific to the female body in both the position and movements of cycling. Ultimately, this equates to a drastic reduction in fabric bunching and abrasion whether you're down in the drops or over the hoods. The mesh rear pocket takes care of all your storage needs, while a media pocket with a cord port allows your headphone cord to be run inside your jersey to avoid snags while you ride. Garneau finished off the Sirocco with reflective elements that make you more visible to traffic when you're caught out on your bike after dusk. - $54.95