Louis Garneau Pilot LE Jersey - $124.95

The Louis Garneau Pilot LE Jersey was designed for the hot summer months, when the outside temperature can sap you of energy. To make your summer rides more comfortable, Garneau used its race-tested fabrics and open-mesh panels to force fresh, cooling air through and turn the heat inside your jersey way down. The Pilot LE Jersey received Louis Garneau's Diamond Fabric for its main body. This material's extremely light knit composition provides excellent airflow and moisture management. The crosswise, diamond-shaped construction works by pulling moisture off of your skin and moving it to the surface of the fabric. And because the diamond pattering is textured, more surface area 'floats' above your skin. This allows air to freely move through the material and to evaporate deposited moisture more quickly. The result is a jersey that stays dry regardless of the amount of moisture that your body produces. And while the Pilot LE jersey has you covered for moisture management and material comfort, Garneau went to even greater lengths to fulfill the most cumbersome variable of comfort -- heat control. Sure, the aforementioned fabrics are breathable, but Garneau still added ventilation points on the side panels and under the arms. These areas of the jersey has been made from the Mesh 1001 material for a few reasons. First, it enhances the jersey's next-to-skin fit and comfort with its stretchable, microfiber composition. Second, it's been treated in order to wick moisture away rapidly. And lastly, it effectively regulates the internal temperature of the jersey at a natural core-ventilation point. So, you can ride on the rivet during summer races without running the risk of overheating. For fit, you'll find that the Pilot LE jersey is perfectly adaptable to the position and movements of cycling. In fact, Garneau cut the jersey on an anatomic contour in order to ensure this. And securing the fit are Garneau's Lazer Rev arm cuffs and a noninvasive silicone waist gripper. - $124.95