Louis Garneau Pilot LE Bib Shorts - $159.95

There's something to be said for simplicity in design. Often, it seems that manufacturers get so caught up in trying to design the 'ultimate,' that they forget what they originally set out to accomplish. The results can be ridiculously complex and overbuilt to the point where more actually becomes less. This is not often the case with the good folks at Louis Garneau. Most of their designs attack a problem in its simplest form, with outstanding results. Case in pointthe Pilot LE Bib Short. Starting with the basic construction, Garneau made Pilot LE bib shorts from a well-positioned blend of Lycra Power, Lycra Pro, and Power Mesh. For compressive support, Lycra Power has been placed at various points on the legs of the shorts. Basically, this fabric features more Lycra fibers per ounce/square yard than typical Lycra compositions. So, the material provides an elastic hold on your muscle groups, supporting and shielding them from oscillation and road vibration. This results in a decrease in overall muscle fatigue, while also, according Garneau, a 10 to 20% improvement in blood circulation. And when the aforementioned is paired with the Lycra Pro material, the shorts give a heightened level of recovering stretch to ensure your freedom of movement. Further ensuring this characteristic, Garneau designed the shorts with a seamless inner-leg and a ten-panel construction. This not only leads to an increase in flexibility, but, more obviously, it lends itself to eliminating abrasion. Garneau even took this concept a step further by only using flatlock stitching throughout the shorts and uppers. However, all the while, both fabrics possess an extraordinary ability to manage moisture. This means that riding with damp legs after 40k is now a thing of the past. Securing the Pilot LE's precise fit took a few steps. First, was the compressive fit. Secondly, Garneau included its Powerbands at the leg cuffs. - $159.95