Louis Garneau Performance Carbon Women's Jersey - $109.95

With the advent of new cycling fabric technologies, we're starting to see more of the characteristics that we've always hoped for finally coming to fruition in single pieces of clothing. Combinations of new materials make this possible, as they're more supportive, more breathable, and manage moisture better than ever before. The materials that we're now seeing also incorporate new treatments and fiber blends that manage core body temperatures. Louis Garneau is at the forefront here, delivering its new Performance Carbon Jersey with new fabric blends that directly address the issue of thermo-regulation in relation to cycling. The front and back panels of the jersey use Louis Garneau's lightweight Carbon Ion fabric. This material provides superb moisture wicking and breathability, and it's now treated with what is known as Coldblack technology. This is a finishing treatment that reduces the absorption of heat rays in darker fabrics, resulting in protection from the sun and better heat management. This means that darker fabrics stay just as cool as light-colored fabric options. Continuing this cooling trend, the Carbon jersey's side panels are made with Garneau's quick-drying, flexible Power mesh, which utilizes an opaque mesh construction in order to provide you with both an enhanced level of breathability and anti-chafing comfort. Louis Garneau's stretchy Endurexx fabric panels are also incorporated into the jersey's design, as they mold to the curves of your body in order to provide you with additional compressive upper body support. Pre-shaped shoulders and smooth, laser-cut banded sleeves complete the Carbon jersey's overall supportive and aerodynamic race-fit. The Performance Carbon jersey's full-length zipper is sewn so the teeth pull away from your body in order to minimize abrasion and chafing. - $109.95