Louis Garneau Original Europcar Jersey - $169.95

The same fabrics, the same cut, and the same attention to every last 'pro-only' detail. That's what you get with Louis Garneau's Original Europcar Jersey. While there're many manufacturers out there producing team replica jerseys, few are made to the exact specifications of what actually grace team riders' shoulders. But for those seeking the exact green race jersey notoriously worn by the cagey Frenchman Voeckler and his Europcar teammates, you've found it. Compared to the Replica jersey's single fabric construction, the Original Europcar jersey incorporates four different materials into its design. The first two, Garneau's CB Mondo and CB Speedtech, have been selected for the torso and sleeves for they're extremely lightweights and breathable characteristics. And in addition to these attributes, they also incorporate what's known as Coldblack technology. This is a finishing treatment that reduces the absorption of heat rays in darker fabrics, resulting in both protection from the sun and increased heat management. Garneau pairs the super soft CB Mondo with the ultra-wicking dimpled mesh CB Speedtech fabric in order to create unmatched comfort and aerodynamic qualities. CB Speedtech is a certified compressive fabric with 18% spandex and a 195 g/m2 rating. Basically, this means that it provides you, and Voeckler, with outstanding muscle support and reduced drag compared to standard Lycra blends. Louis Garneau also incorporated its quick-wicking Power mesh fabric side panels the jersey. This fabric's opaque construction provides extreme breathability and smooth, chafe-free comfort. Additionally, Garneau's elastic Laser REV arm cuffs round out the construction, adding durability and additional muscle support to arms. As expected, the Original Europcar jersey's fit is next-to-skin tight. - $169.95