Louis Garneau Mini X-Race Bag - $15.95

If you're a minimalist, the Louis Garneau Mini X-Race Bag is your answer to carrying a spare tube and essential tools. It's tiny -- 5.5 x 3 x 2.75 inches. Perfect for aerodynamics and, it's even designed for use with narrow seatposts. It comes with two adjustable bands that will fit everything from 28mm seat posts up to 80mm aero posts. Its position is also adjustable and angled so it doesnt interfere with pedaling. An easy-to-install rubber piece conforms to the post to securely place the pack and eliminate slipping. The bag also features a retention strap to allow you to compress the bag to prevent movement of tools and other items. There is a tab for a rear light, and the bag has reflective elements for low-light safety. The zipper is seal to protect from road spray, and the Louis Garneau Mini X-Race Bag is constructed from 600D nylon for durability. - $15.95