Louis Garneau LS-100 Women's Shoes - $135.95

Louis Garneau's LS-100 Women's Shoes not only look Euro-pro in their all-White colorway, but they also pack a multitude of top-tier features into a more-than-affordable package. To be more precise, it's rare to see shoes with a BOA L4 retention system under the $300 mark, let alone a pair blending this technology with a stiff outsole and incredible ventilation. Moving from top to bottom, Louis Garneau constructed the uppers of LS-100 from both synthetic leather and mesh in order to provide you with ultimate in comfort, durability, and breathability. For the closure system, the shoes rely on BOA L4 technology, which utilizes a single rail quick-attach system. For further control over internal volume, Garneau also included a single hook-and-loop forefoot strap, making on-the-fly adjustments intuitive. As a combined system, you gain total control over the shoes' fit. And with a slight pull and a quick turn of the dial, you're securely locked-in with a nearly custom feel. If you hadn't noticed, BOA is rather selective as to whom it licenses its products to, so to find this technology incorporated into a shoe that sells for $160 is quite remarkable. This system weighs up to 2/3 less than other cycling shoe closures and also provides better, more consistent, pressure distribution across the top of your foot. Overall, this keeps the foot in place, greatly reducing the power-sapping effects of heel slippage on the upstroke of your pedal movement. Further along these lines, Louis Garneau's heel retention system (HRS) wraps the back of your heels using a stiff, stirrup-shaped composite. This keeps the shoe firmly in place, efficiently maximizing your power transfer to the pedal. Carbon-reinforced nylon outsoles, coupled with the LS-100's ultra-low stack height, provide you with a rigid pedaling platform. And while the material isn't carbon fiber, it yields an incredible stiffness-to-weight ratio that promotes maximum power to the pedals with limited energy exertion. - $135.95