Louis Garneau LS-100 Men's Shoes - $135.95

Who doesn't appreciate value' We certainly do, and if you're looking at the Louis Garneau LS-100 Shoes, you must as well. We simply can't think of any other shoes that better match technology features with price. In fact, with a BOA L4 retention system, a stiff outsole, and nearly unrivaled ventilation, we're still trying to figure out how Garneau essentially created a $350 pair of shoes for well under $300. Starting at the outsole, Garneau sought to achieve the perfect balance between strength, rigidity, and weight. Are you thinking carbon fiber' So were we. However, the LS-100 utilizes Garneau's Ergo Air II soles -- a carbon-reinforced nylon. This means that you gain both the stiff benefits of carbon fiber and the controlled flex of a nylon matrix. What does this really amount to, though' Well, coupled with the LS-100's low stack height, the Ergo Air II's composition and rigidity equate to a direct transfer of power to the pedals. Just like in frame design, the outsole has a stiffness-to-weight ratio that positively promotes an efficient carry of power with limited energy dispersion. So, in simpler terms, these outsoles make your hard efforts count in relation to speed. In terms of the aforementioned flexibility, you've surely felt berated by overly stiff outsoles at some point in your riding. The nylon matrix of the Ergo Air IIs amounts to a calculated percentage of 'give' under load. Essentially, this is minute enough that you won't notice it on climbs or hard drives, however, after 80k, your feet certainly will. Comfort without the penalty of weight is the design philosophy at work here. And speaking of weight, the LS-100 tips the scales at a lower weight than many other manufacturer's top offerings -- 255g per shoe. This is credited, in one part, to the outsole, but in our opinion, more so to the lightweight upper construction. - $135.95