Louis Garneau Factory Gloves - $17.97

Often it seems like it's easier for a company to design an elaborate, over-built piece of gear when a simple design would actually be much more effective. It's as if they're so anxious to show off their design chops (and charge a bundle for it) that they design right around the function. The good folks at Louis Garneau don't have this problem. Their products are based purely on function. In many cases, such as the Factory Glove, the function dictates simplicity and the solution is nothing short of elegant.The first thing you'll notice when you see the Factory Glove is that there's no bulky fastening strap. Once you slide your hand into the Factory glove, you'll wonder why we ever put up with those big, bulky straps to begin with. As for the fingerless design, the debate rages on. In the case of the Factory Glove, however, it makes sense because of Garneau's patented 5-channel Ergo Air concept that promotes airflow through the glove to move warm air and moisture out and bring cool air in. The system pulls sweat vapor out of the glove to keep your hand cool and dry, and wouldn't be as effective if the Factory glove had fingers. The back of the glove, made of Lycra fiber, also promotes ventilation through the glove to cool your hand down. The highly absorbent thumb panel is perfect when you need to quickly dab a sweaty brow.One luxury that Garneau allowed in the design of the Factory glove is the patented Biogel padding. The Biogel panels are strategically located to relieve pressure on the ulnar and median nerves. They also absorb road shock and vibration to eliminate the numbness that often results from hours in the saddle. The Biogel panels are also perforated to promote airflow through the palm of the glove. Louis Garneau Factory Gloves come in sizes S through XXL and are available in White, Black, Yellow, Royal, and Ginger. - $17.97