Louis Garneau Diamond Bike Helmet - 2012 Closeout - $132.93

The Louis Garneau Diamond bike helmet has an astounding 40 vents and weighs only 10 oz. to keep you cruising along in comfort on road rides. Patented design features a monocoque polycarbonate base that acts as an exoskeleton to provide excellent structural strength. 2 polycarbonate bars placed inside the helmet and 9 carbon bridge inserts add strength where it is needed without weighing down the helmet. Spiderlock PRO fit system allows quick adjustments to stabilize the helmet on your head; wheel mechanism is easy to operate with 1 hand. Quick-drying antimicrobial padding adds comfort and helps keep odors away. Small LED light is included, and attaches to the back of the helmet to increase your visibility at night; reflective stickers also catch the eyes of oncoming motorists. Louis Garneau Diamond bike helmet meets CPSC-ASTM-CEN standards for bicycle helmets. Closeout. - $132.93