Louis Garneau Classico Jersey - $124.95

Louis Garneau's been manufacturing cycling apparel for 30 years, which leads us to believe its designers have learned a thing or two about constructing technical clothing. Besides that, Garneau continues to work with the world's best cycling teams in order to ensure that the gear it produces is up to real-world racing conditions. For us, this means that we can rest assured that the jerseys we receive from Garneau were thoroughly run through their paces before reaching our shoulders. The new Classico beautifully illustrates this, as this jersey was built to the highest of standards, and it was done so exclusively for Competitive Cyclist. The Classico was designed for warm-weather riding conditions, where enhanced moisture production becomes inevitable. Garneau's latest fabric technologies were developed to mitigate this resulting effect of physical exertion, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable, regardless of how much the temperature rises. The Classico jersey received Louis Garneau's Diamond Fabric for its paneling. This material's extremely light knit composition provides excellent airflow and moisture management. The crosswise, diamond-shaped construction works by pulling moisture off of your skin and moving it to the surface of the fabric. And because the diamond pattering is textured, more surface area 'floats' above your skin. Essentially, this allows air to freely move through the material and to evaporate deposited moisture at a fast rate. The result is a jersey that stays dry regardless of the amount of moisture that your body produces. For the fit of the jersey, Garneua built it around what its designers refer to as a 'pro fit.' This is slightly more generous than its next-to-skin race cut, but it still conforms to the contours of your body for a streamlined, race-inspired feel in the saddle. - $124.95