Loon Outdoors Shark Tooth Tippet Cutter - 2-Pack - $4.99

Spend more time fishing and less time getting ready with this handy and easy-to-use tippet cutter. Simply slip elastic over your tippet spool and use the tooth to cut tippet with precision. No more wasted time looking for your nippers or using your teeth. This smooth-cutting tool leaves the perfect amount of tippet exposed and cuts down on waste. Reuse the tool from spool to spool. Available: Small Fits most small to medium spools from Umpqua, Cabelas and Climax. Large Fits most large spools from RIO, Maxima, Scientific Anglers, Cabelas, Frog Hair and Umpqua. X-Large Fits 1/4-lb. spools 1.5 inner, 3 outer diameter. 2X-Large Fits 100-yd. to 3,000-yd. spools 2.5 inner, 4.5 outer diameter. Type: Line Accessories. Style Shark Tooth Large 2p. - $4.99