Look NX 12 Wide Ski Bindings Black Chrome - $162.50

The NX 12 Wide is a high-end lightweight binding and comes with a 100mm brake perfect for fat skis. An ultra-wide Teflon AFD provides increased leverage and control on wider waisted skis. The reinforced Full Drive toepiece has 180?? multi-directional release with high vertical and lateral elastic travel to provide shock absorption, reducing inadvertent release. The NX heel is lightweight with an easy step-in design. The long lever arms make exiting the binding an effortless motion. The NX 12 Wide is a lightweight freeski binding with a DIN range of 3.5-12 perfect for lightweight freeskiers. Brakes fit skis with a waist width of 90 to 100mm Skis.Key Features of the Look NX 12 Wide Ski Bindings: Lightweight composite materials aid in easier turn transitions, making skiing more fun and carrying skis a breeze Easy step-in design Long lever arm makes exiting the binding effortless 12mm of elastic travel - $162.50