Look Cycle Keo Grip Road Cleat - $29.95

Look's Keo Grip Cleats function the same as the older Keo cleats once they're engaged in a Look Keo or Keo 2 pedal. It's what they do the rest of the time that is so different. Look has done a great job at re-imagining their cleat, seeing what others have done, seeing what they could do better, and executing that vision.The two things everyone will point to are the non-skid rubber pads underneath the "toe" and "heel" portions of the cleats. While those pads are pretty nice, and they do a good job of making walking easier and adding durability to the cleats. It's the center pad and what's underneath it that we're excited about. The center pad is no big deal on its own; it sits atop the center of the pedal and should reduce lateral slop on the cleat/pedal interface. It is the memory clip underneath that we groove on. The memory clip makes it easy to replace cleats. This clip sits hidden underneath the cleat but it is locked into place in that fourth groove that many new shoes come with. You can find it on at least the following shoes: Bontrager, Sidi, high end Cannondale, and carbon soled Chain, Diadora, DMT, Gaerne, Northwave shoes. There are three float options for the cleats, fixed aka zero float (Black) cleats, 4.5-degrees float (Grey) cleats, and 9-degrees of float (Red) cleats. Look pedals come standard with the Grey cleats. All three cleats come with 4mm of lateral adjustment and 9mm of longitudinal adjustment. The Keo Grip Cleat replacement kit comes with two cleats, six 5x11mm screws, and six rectangular washers. The memory clip is in the cleat. The claimed weight on a pair of Look Keo Grip Cleats is 68g including screws and washers. - $29.95