Look Cycle Keo 2 Max Road Pedal - $179.95

In mountain biking, people talk of privateers. That's most of the world; people who buy their own stuff. And when counting pennies and doing spreadsheet calculations and analyzing cost-per-gram, the less flashy parts -- the Chorus', Force's, Ultegra's of the world, often offer 99% of the performance at 50-75% of the price. The Look Keo 2 Max fits in the performance without the price slot. It does everything the Keo 2 Max Carbon does, just without the carbon-fiber pedal body. One great feature of the Keo 2 is the stainless steel wear plate atop the center of the pedal body. This adds tremendous durability to the system. But they did more than add a cap to their pedals. They redesigned the shape so it is wider, amongst the widest clipless pedal around. This 57mm platform width helps increase the surface area that contacts the cleat to 340mm, but that doesn't effect the cornering clearance as the pedal body is narrower on the bottom. Look also went to town on their axle. They increased the diameter to 12mm on the crank side for greater stiffness. And they kept the stack height to a minimum, 15.7mm -- which necessitated two roller bearings on the crank side, with a needle bearing on the outside of the spindle.The Keo 2 Max pedal bodies are made from a polyamide composite. The wear plate and axle are both stainless steel. The Q-Factor is 53mm, and can be increased to 55mm with the use of a 2mm spacer that goes between the spindle and the crank (sold separately). The release tension can be adjusted from 9-15Nm. There are three float options for the cleats, fixed aka zero float (Black) cleats, 4.5-degrees float (Grey) cleats, and 9-degrees of float (Red) cleats. The pedals come with the Grey Keo Grip cleats. The pedal body comes in either Graphite or White with a Black retention bar. There is a two-year warranty on the pedals. The Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Pedals have a claimed weight of 130g per pedal or 328g per pair, which includes cleats and hardware. - $179.95