Loft Concept Windsurfing Sail 4.0m Red - $294.95

Unchanged from 07, the Loft Concept 2008 is the design of choice for schools and beginning windsurfers. 100% xply and light; ideal "starter" design. The Concept 360 is designed with longer boom lengths and shorter mast lengths that lowers the rig gravity & power center. Low swing weight and light weight make the Concept 360 ideal for beginners and intermediates.Key Features of the Loft Concept Windsurf Sail 4.0m: Total Xply construction. Molded thermo-foam mast/board pad with roll-up strap, line pouch, tack handle and uphaul port. Soft molded pvc foot edge, foot 2ply and tack batten protectors. New batten sections and taper schedules. Luff: 354cm Boom: 160cm Weight: 3.97kg Battens Sensitip: 4 Micro Battens: 2 - $294.95