Lodge Logic Pro Grid/Iron Griddle - $54.95

The Lodge Logic Pro Grid/Iron griddle features a heirloom black patina that eliminates the time and effort of seasoning-it's ready to use right out of the box! Lodge coats the entire surface with a proprietary vegetable oil formula, then bakes the oil onto the utensil in a hot industrial oven. The high temperature allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the cast iron surface, creating that prized heirloom finish. Simply place the griddle on your 2-burner camp stove your home stove and start cooking. Cast iron griddle distributes heat evenly-perfect for both quick, high-heat browning and long, slow cooking. Improved design is larger and offers a slightly sloped cooking surface with deeper grease gutters. One side of the Lodge Logic Pro Grid/Iron griddle offers the traditional flat griddle, the other side offers grill-like cooking on a grid. - $54.95